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The Graffiti Machine

Dec 26, 2021

Chapter 26 of Epictetus’ Enchiridion shares some great wisdom that most of us probably forgot, or never think of to apply. How many times has a friend come to you with an issue and you respond with excellent advice?

You can easily see all of the ins and outs of their issue and offer objective advice for them. Solutions for their issue comes easier for you because you’re not in the middle of it like they are. You’re not dealing with the stress, sadness, anger, or whatever emotions their situation is causing, so you can see angles they can’t.

Then what happens when they exact same thing is happening to you? Where is all the wisdom? Seems like it’s gone. Now you’re dealing with all of the emotions and are blinded to the angles you could easily see when your friend was going through it. Epictetus reminds us to apply the same wisdom to ourselves.

Disconnect from the shit and look at it objectively in the same way you did for your friend.